W.K. Clifford

The William Kingdon CLIFFORD Prize

The English mathematician and philosopher William Kingdon Cliff ord was born in Exeter in 1845. He attended King's College London and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was elected fellow in 1868. In 1871, he was appointed professor of mathematics and mechanics at University College London, and in 1874 became a fellow of the Royal Society. Su ffering from severe health problems, he went to the island of Madeira to recover, but died there of tuberculosis in 1879, leaving a widow with two children.


W.K. Cli fford is best remembered for what is now termed geometric algebra, a special

case of the Cli fford algebra named in his honour, but he also contributed signi ficantly to other branches of mathematics, especially geometry. Anticipating Albert Einstein, he made some remarkable observations about space-time and relativity, suggesting that gravitation might be a manifestation of an underlying geometry.


W.K. Cliff ord also was a prominent philosopher with strong ethical principles.

William Kingdon Clifford (1845-1879)

The Laureates

2011 Weimar

Hendrik De Bie

Ghent University - Belgium


2014 Tartu

David Eelbode

University of Antwerp - Belgium


2017 Gent

David Kimsey

Newcastle University - UK


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E. Bayro-Corrochano

CINVESTAV, Guadalajara, Mexico


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D. Eelbode

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K. Gürlebeck

Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Germany


N. Marchuk

Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, Russia


T. Qian

University of Macau, China


I. Sabadini

Politecnico di Milano, Italy


V. Soucek

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


S. Staples

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, USA


J. Tolksdorf

Max Planck Inst. for Math. in the Sci., Leipzig


Secretary: H. De Bie

Ghent University, Belgium


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